Mikael Marczak and What it takes to become a Film Director


All These Sleepless Nights by Mikael Marczak was a film about youth, partying and friendship that took place in Warsaw, Poland’s beautiful capital city. The feature-length film earned Mikael Marczak a best director’s award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. As film director, he was in charge of ensuring that every aspect of the film runs smoothly from the conception stage to the delivery stage. Even if there is a lot of pressure in the work environment of a film director, he ensures that all the right decisions are made to ensure the film’s success.

How to become a film director like Mikael Marczak

Although there are bachelor degree and graduate degree programs available at the highly regarded New York Film Academy, a film director does not actually require the college degree. Training and experience are more important when it comes to the job of film directing. Film directors usually get their experience from spending several years the in the related field of acting or writing and supervising scripts. After being given the opportunity of directing one or two films, film directors usually hone their skills through schools with high reputation for producing world-class film directors.

Experience is usually the most important component of being a film director. When working on a movie, a film director like Mikael Marczak must know the best decisions to make on how scenes should unfold, how characters should look, what props to be used for a scene and the actors and actresses that will play specific parts. The film director must always be in control of the film’s creative and artistic aspects and at the same time guide the actors and technical crew towards the fulfillment of his vision for the film.

While a film usually has a producer that initiates, coordinates, controls and supervises other aspects like raising funds, hiring of important personnel and arranging for the distribution of the film, it is the film director who has the larger role because he has to motivate and push the actors to perform their best. If the film director has had experience with acting, he knows how to help the actors in truly understanding their characters.


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